What would it be like if you decided to stop working and to see as much of the world as you could before you die? We did this (well sort of--Ellen still works, Bill doesn't). 

We are Ellen and Bill, two boomers from Los Angeles who have been traveling together since 2011. Neither of us are professional travelers and sometimes feel like "fish out of water," but wanted to share our experiences of what it feels like from the perspective of the ordinary tourist to go on adventures in a variety of different cultures, joining tour groups when we don't want the hassle of researching and planning or renting a car and making do-it-yourself trips when we feel more comfortable with countries we will be visiting.

We hope this blog with its pictures and comments will amuse and entertain those of you who share our love of travel and who wish to either relive your own visits to our blog post places or, if thinking of planning your own trip, to get a sense of what it is really like to see some of the world's most popular destinations for the first time.